Ceiling Project
Questions regarding your home? Please call (931) 431-2696 or email ceilingproject@campbellcrossingllc.com

Our community leadership recently learned of a potential concern in single-story, duplex houses in the Hammond Heights neighborhood, after partial ceiling failure in two houses. To our knowledge, these are the only two instances of this occurring. These homes were built in the1960s-1970s, prior to the establishment of Campbell Crossing.


To-date, no residents have been injured as a result of this potential condition. To ensure your safety, we are asking residents to immediately report any cracking or bowing in ceilings to your Customer Care Representative by calling (931) 431-2696 or emailing ceilingproject@campbellcrossingllc.com.These reports will be prioritized as urgent service requests, which means we will have someone at your house to perform an inspection as soon as possible.

Actions Taken:
  • We are notifying residents and asking to self-report ceiling concerns in neighborhoods of similar age and design (ranch style duplex).
  • Conducting ceiling assessments in select houses of similar age and design- both occupied and unoccupied.
  • Engaged a licensed structural engineer and third-party contractors who have developed an approved work solution and remedial work is underway where required.
  • Mobilized and trained additional team members to expedite assessments and remedial work.
What to Expect:
  • If after assessment your house is identified for work, your Customer Care Representative will notify you by phone or email.
  • Homes requiring work will receive an email 48-hours prior to work beginning, along with a notice on your door, with your scheduled date and tips to prepare your home. 
  • The work will take approximately one day to complete once scheduled.
  • To complete work as quickly as possible, we will need your assistance to prepare your home (this will be included in the 48-hour notice):
    • If children under the age of 18 are home, an adult must be present.
    • Please ensure personal belongings are moved away from the work area.
    • All pets will need to be secured away from the work area.
Status Update: January 5, 2021
  • Project Start: September 2020
  • Project Completion: End of January 2021
  • Assessments Update: 
    • 100% Hammond Heights Assessments Complete
    • 100% Drennan Park Assessments Complete
    • 100% Gardner Hills Back Loop Assessments Complete
    • 100% Werner Park Assessments Complete
  • Remedial Work Update: 97% (754/775) 
    • 100% Hammond Heights Homes Complete
    • 100% Drennan Park Homes Complete
    • 95% (337 / 352) Werner Park Homes Complete
    • (0/5) Stryker Village Homes Complete
    • (0/1) Gardner Hills Back Loop Complete
  • Work Hours:
    • 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday
    • Weekend work may occur
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